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I believe that by now you have developed a daily health habit  consisting of good water intake, enough sunlight and good ventilation .

Most , especially adequate oxygen intake by carrying out deep breathing exercises to ensure that the whole lungs is filled with air. 

Now that we are done with that, I want to talk about harmful food ingredients to  avoid like a plague.

Most times we take in these substances  without knowing the harmful effect of accumulation of these substances  in the long run.

Lets go right ahead and discuss these harmful food ingredients to avoid


The first ingredient I want to mention today is CHEESE.

I love cheese especially with fresh baked bread. 

Unfortunately cheese is one of those food ingredients that a lot of us like but is not healthy to eat.

Too much cheese  should be avoided as much as possible.

Although cheese contains protein and calcium.,its high saturated fat and salt content makes it unsuitable for the body.

harmful food ingredients to avoid

Cheese also contains Lactose.

Over 60% of people cannot digest lactose.

If you are one of those that are lactose intolerant,the cheese can ferment in your intestine causing a bloated tummy filled with gas.

It  should not be  introduced into the stomach frequently .

One of the components of cheese is  rotten milk that is actually  unfit as food .

Cheese is actually a burden for the body to digest .

It  also contains pus, unhealthy hormones ,antibiotics, harmful bacteria and cancer causing substances.

“Cheese is definitely OK to enjoy in moderation, the same as with any other food,” says Mascha Davis MPH, RDN, Private Practice Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and author of Eat Your Vitamins.

so instead of going for cheese all the time  why not replace it with NUTS here is a link to wonderful books on healthy eating:


Sugar is not a food but a poisonous chemical drug.

 It  is possibly as harmful as drugs.

 Especially the quantities consumed today.Dr. David Reuben ,author of Every thing you always wanted to know about nutrition”says that white sugar is a pure chemical extracted from plant sources which actually acts as a thief .

This is because it drains your body of precious nutrients.

Sugar suppresses the body’s only defense against disease -the immune system, causes fermentation and clouds the brain.

That is why it is a serious harmful food to avoid.

Replace refined sugars with moderate amounts of dried fruits ,natural honey,or molasses

But remember,the free use of any sugar or even natural sweeteners tends to clog .the system 

And most times  is frequently a cause of disease.

It is no surprise that consuming too much sugar can make you gain weight. 

Extra sugar your body does not immediately require for energy ,can easily be converted to triglycerides.

This is  a type of fat that can  be stored around your waist as well as in your hips and thighs. 

Sugary beverages, such as soft drinks and fruit-flavored punches, are the worst offenders.

I rarely take sugar.My husband does not take it at all.!

Probable one of the reasons he still looks very fit in his late fifties!

 Another challenge about sugar is that the more you take it, the more  you crave for  more.

If you don’t want to become obese in the immediate future, limit your sugar intake .

Here are some healthier sugar alternatives by Angelike Gaunt to try  .


Baked food  made with baking powder is poisonous to the entire body  .

It  depletes the body off b -vitamins ,thiamine ,folic acid, and vitamin C.

After baking powder or soda is used,it first  releases its carbonic gases .

Compounds known as Rochelle salt, tartaric acids, alum, lime, and ammonia, are left behind in the baked product..

In  our generation today, fast foods is the in thing.

One has to be careful on the amount of sausages, meat pies, cakes etc that we consume in a day.

Never be too busy to get yourself a good balanced meal .

Because ultimately ,what you eat is what you are.

The quality of what you take into your body has a direct effect on your immune system:

Always try to eat breads raised with yeast or go for unleavened bread .

Yeast leavened bread which is two or three days old is more healthful than new bread. And bread dried in the oven is one of the most wholesome articles of diet.

Fried food ,greasy food and some complicated dishes should be avoided as much as possible.

Be aware of trigger food combinations that can bring discomfort and set you off course.

 E.g sugar/fat combinations like ice cream and cookies and fat salt combinations like taking nuts immediately after potato chips.

These are simple instructions if practiced can go a long way in maintaining good health.


Preservatives are used to preserve the composition of food. The are two kinds of food preservatives. 

Natural preservatives 

And artificial preservative 

In this section I will be talking about harmful effects of using artificial additives and preservatives. 

Most of the food products that have artificial preservatives include: 


salad cream 

packed fruit juices 

Baked fruit 

Tin vegetable 

Baked beans in tins etc. 


These  preservatives when taken frequently lead to a lot of diseases 

One of the main causes of increasing heart problems today has been attributed to the presence of preservatives.

Preservatives contain compounds known as nitrites and nitrates. When these compounds combine with gastric acid in our stomach, it forms carcinogenic  agents.

 These are substances that  lead to cancer.

Preservatives and additives have been known also to cause severe breathing problems.

According to a mayo clinic research ,reducing the amount of preserved food intake can lead to a reduced symptom of breathing problem and asthma.


There are a lot of harmful food ingredients to avoid. Here I have mentioned just a few .

Are there any other harmful food ingredients you know of ? Lets us know by commenting below.

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